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Some recent-ish work. Here is an update of pieces Ive done in the last two years

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Current artistic influences (Part 1)

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Here is a list of items or people who currently are most influential on my work.

As I am really starting to settle in here in Boulder, CO. I am becoming less vulnerable to the inset of culture shock. While Im sure Boulder is a far cry short of culture when compared to some of the major metropolises of the world. It is still significantly bigger than Steamboat Springs CO.

I’m sure there were many occasions not long after my arrival that I could be found in a state of disarray.  As my mind was being overstimulated by all that this town had to offer. Now that I am able to keep the drool from flowing. I plan on harnessing some of this. Continue reading

“Snarf’s” Thundercat vs Sandwich Shop

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Ha! There is no comparison here. At least not from my end. Although it doesn’t get much cuter than a lazy, Part bearded cat, part lizard. Its just hands down impossible to beat the Italian or the NY steak at Snarfs Sandwich Shop.


With 5 locations across Boulder and the Front Range. Snarfs is definitely dishing the meals out! Claiming “over 1,000,000 Tummies Satisfied”. For my visit I stopped into the Pearl St. Location in Boulder.

Now I had heard of Snarfs great subs and had even caught the wonderful, hunger inducing aroma from a friends sub once. But It was upon my first visit to Snarfs that I realized I had found heaven.(Sandwich heaven) The menu is broad including all the usual items you would expect from a sandwich spot. Continue reading

Works by Michael Benninghoven

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All of these works area available imediatly.

As you can see most of these are numbered #001 or #002. I only make up to 13 of each design and they each have been numbered accordingly.
These pieces range from 22″ x 31″ up to 53″ x 32″
Please contact me for more info.

Space station #002 $750

Space station #002 $750

Peligro 2 #001 $500

Peligro 2 #001 $500

Peligro 3 #001 $400

Peligro 3 #001 $400

Continue reading

A little insight into my blog!

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So two days into this Blogging deal. Two days of trying to figure out my formula. Starting posts only to not post them countless times. But it has finally hit me.  The structure I am going to build around. (loosely of course). Each day I will try to post on 4 main subjects Art, Design, Food and the Web. Continue reading

This is the beginning!

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Hello and welcome to the Blog of Cultivated Love and Michael Benninghoven. Yes I have jumped on the band wagon of Blogging and until I finish my website this is going to be the best spot for updates on my journey through the art and design world. In addition to my works I hope to spread the word about new artists, new galleries, fresh design, great restaurants and anything else that may catch my attention.