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Woahhh…. Its been a while.

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Well due to life just trucking along. I got a bit side tracked from updating this blog. Shame on me. Thanks to a move to Denver and the upcoming opening of Love Gallery. I plan on being a lot more active here. There are just so many great things and new to me things going on around us at our new spot. So stay tuned and I promise not to be absent for so long.

Oh and just a tidbit about the new spot.

Bee and I decided it was time to make a move from our tiny apt on college ave in Boulder. At first we were just looking for a place with a studio or work space for my art and for her jewelry. After a long search and a bit of luck we thought we had found the perfect location.  A small apt above a great big workshop that included a beautiful little space for a gallery.

Needless to say we were in love with the space and the idea of having our own gallery. I was instantly envisioning Signage and track lights. A darkroom and a screen printing studio alongside my vinyl and paint area. Bee was thinking about getting all of her tools here from Cali and setting up alongside of me. The space was going to need a bit of work but none of it mattered. Over the course of about 2 weeks I negotiated my first commercial lease and started lining up all the materials we would need to get the space ready. We were all ready to sign the lease.  The timing was perfect for us to move out of the old spot and into the new. Then the dream shattering nerve racking call came in.. The HOA had decided that they were no longer going to allow the units to be live/work. Crushed and nearly homeless. We had less than a week to find a spot. At this point we were looking for anything. I lined up three spots to look at in Denver. One of which is a spot I had been interested in but had not gotten a call back the first 2 times I called on it. The first 2 spots were ok. One needed a bit of work and one was a bit pricey. The last was a bit further south then I thought we wanted to be but we were in a pinch. It was also the one I had called on a couple time with no response. So we arrived at 570 Inca St. The building was beautiful and modern. We met the landlord and he took us inside. The downstairs was all ready set to go as a gallery and the upstairs was clean new and complete with new appliances.  After leaving within minutes Bee and I knew this was the spot. I was back down in the morning signing a lease.  Its funny how things work out. Now that were in. I couldn’t imagine being in any of the other spaces. We love the location, the space, our neighbors and having the opportunity to not only show our own work but also that of some of the amazing artists we have come to know.

I am looking forward to the next few months and our current line up. Including Brian Leach, Tom Bond, and Nathan Reese.

Hope too see you at Love Gallery sometime soon.


Leaky Power Outlets!

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This is an interesting project from a marketing agency in germany. I really like the the concept and would love too see how people reacted to it.  Thanks again and big props to the genius behind this.

for more pics check out


The thing I hate most about TV is sometimes the thing I love most..

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SEAT Ecomotive – The Test
I just came across this over at and thought it would be nice to share.  Its an amazing 3D piece. This kind of work just blows me away. and I give big props to the designers and directors who put this add together.. You got my attention for sure. But no I wont be buying your car…

The weather outside is frightfull!

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Well actually its delightful!

pics by Brandon Webby

Boulder Oct 28 09

The Perfect Alarm Clock

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Wow I think this may have my name written all over it. Then again who knows it does look a bit like a soccer ball!

Clocky by nandaClocky by nanda

The ultimate must-have alarm clock for those heavy sleepers who just can’t get out of bed! one chance is given until it jumps off your nightstand and wheels around the room hiding and beeping until you retrieve it.

  • dimensions: 13.3 x 8.9 x 8.9cm
  • material: plastic with rubber wheels
  • (4AAA batteries not included, wheels can be removed)

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Hirzberger Events – Digital Wallpaper on Vimeo

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This is a recent web post I came across.It reaches out towards both the designer and the retailer in me. The shots from outside the widow are great. What a fantastic way to attract the attention of consumers and potential clients.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I found the following info along with the video at Continue reading

Logan Hicks Doing what he does best

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Here is a cool little video that was put up on the web not to long ago. If you didn’t already know. This guy is a true insperation to me. The qaulity and detail that goes into his stencils is riddiculus!

So Check this out

For more of Logan Hicks go to