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Leaky Power Outlets!

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This is an interesting project from a marketing agency in germany. I really like the the concept and would love too see how people reacted to it.  Thanks again and big props to the genius behind this.

for more pics check out



Skate Deck for URBANE dropping next week

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This is a deck that I did for my friends up in Steamboat Springs CO.  This Friday is the opening of the second annual Skate deck show at Urbane.  Artists are asked to submit art  on skate decks.  If your ever up in the boat make sure to stop by.  Its located at 7th and Lincoln, Downtown Steamboat Springs CO. If you want one of these decks give them a shout 970-879-9169. They are limited to 40 pieces

New Show from artist Tom Bond

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I’m getting excited for Toms new show. This will be the second show that Atmosphere and myself have put together with Tom. This is also the second show we have put on at Locals Barbershop in Colorado Springs. Should be a great event. Live Music, Food and Refreshments and of course Toms great work.  This event is open to any and everyone . So come down and check it out.

You may also want to check out Tom’s blog

The thing I hate most about TV is sometimes the thing I love most..

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SEAT Ecomotive – The Test
I just came across this over at and thought it would be nice to share.  Its an amazing 3D piece. This kind of work just blows me away. and I give big props to the designers and directors who put this add together.. You got my attention for sure. But no I wont be buying your car…

One of a few new designs I have put up at Threadless

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Alien Robots Attack! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No MoreSince purchasing some screen printing equipment, I have been going through alot of my past artwork. looking for suitable designs for Ts.  But as I have yet to secure a spot to set up the equipment. I though I might send over a few of the designs to see how they hold up at Threadless. Check em out Vote for them if you like em.  Also please feel free to give me a little input on them.